… a commanding and attractive presence on stage with an expressive voice of great beauty and power… an accomplished actress…   -Baltimore Sun


Music and acting has always been an important part of my life. I can’t say I was bit by the “bug,” as the bug just seemed to always be quietly sitting on my shoulder. I started off singing hymns in four-part harmony with my parents and siblings at church (yes, we were that cheesey family…), moved up to playing guitar and singing a duet from Godspell in my high school talent show, graduated to teaching music in a NYC Ivy League prep school, and then made a slight turn to performing lead roles around the country in opera and musical theater, while still teaching young kids in the South Bronx and belting some jazz/R&B …


“For me, the major delight of this production was discovering soprano Michelle Jennings, who played the role of Marian. Jennings has an expressive voice of great beauty and power that would be at home on any stage, and she is an accomplished actress whose every word was clearly intelligible.” – Baltimore Sun

“Jennings as Nellie is an excellent contrast [to Loyd’s Emile]. She moves about the stage with a kind of gawky grace, as if literally feeling her way through the world.” – Tulsa World


Blog: Motherhood and Music in NYC

March 31   This weekend is the culmination of a two-week run of the show, ¡Figaro! (90210). Conceived by Vid Guerrerio, the show is a present-day retelling of the opera Le Nozze de Figaro, with a new translation that includes some Spanish. The show is filled with references to hip-hop, YouTube, Donald Trump, sexting, green cards, even Botox.